BrandMatters' Expertise

Employee Branding

Employees are typically the most valuable assets of an organisation. As the real representation of your brand in the marketplace, employees must be living examples of your brand values and promise.

An effective employee value proposition expresses the values and culture of your organisation and helps to retain and attract new talent. Aligning your expectations as an employer with your brand values helps new recruits to understand, communicate and identify with the brand from day one.

BrandMatters will work with your organisation to translate your brand positioning into a compelling employee value proposition that helps both existing and potential employees:

  • Understand with clarity what the brand positioning means to them on a day-to-day basis
  • Understand how the aspirations of the business connect with the brand strategy
  • Develop a sense of excitement around opportunities the brand provides, both personally and for the business
  • Develop a sense of enthusiasm for advocating your brand and its values.

Once we have worked with you to develop an employee value proposition we can develop an employee communication plan to provide your team with a detailed understanding of the brand and how it relates to them personally.

Examples of BrandMatters’ employee branding experience:



Genworth (coming soon)